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1373 Lowrie Ave
South San Francisco, CA. 94080

About Us

The Inspired Cookie Co. came to be when a passionate foodie with an allergy to gluten and dairy just couldn’t find a good cookie or brownie to eat.  After many, many, many tries and adventures in the kitchen the Inspired Cookie Co. product line was finally born in 2006.

“Cookies and Brownies with Intention”.  That’s our motto.  But what does that actually mean? 

Well, quite simply, every product we make is done so with the intent on showing our customers that All Natural, Gluten Free and Vegan cookies and brownies can taste absolutely AMAZING! 

We want to make sure each bite is wholesome, healthy and delicious. Which is why we use names for our products (Bliss, Enlightenment, Tranquility and Clarity) that Inspire a sense of natural goodness.

We love what we do and it shows in each and every bite.  Our commitment to making the best product possible, regardless of whether or not it is gluten free and vegan, is what drives us.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

-Alex Bulazo

Owner-The Inspired Cookie Co.

If interested in learning more about Tim and Alex and the Inspired Cookie Co, we'd love to talk to you. We happily will send review samples to any interested press parties.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please contact us. We'd love to hear form you.


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"On a recent trip to California, I stopped in to Cunha Country Grocery and at checkout saw this brownie. It was bought, but not consumed until a week later after the trip home. It was quite possibly the best brownie ever." -D. Niles (Massachusetts)
"Hello, I was delighted when I found Inspired Cookies on the internet, and i will definitely begin my search to find your products in a store near me! They look incredibly delicious and I am forever thankful for companies like yours who care about the ingredients and way their products are made! My son is gluten free and we are all vegans, and finding a company like you makes my heart sing! Thanks again!" -Madeleine V.
"Hello! I received your cookies as a holiday gift from Roger Valentino and JMC Business Systems. Your cookies were an absolute delight! They were wonderfully delicious and the best part was that I didn't feel guilty eating them!!!!! I loved them so much that I placed an order just a few minutes ago! Thanks." -Cec Combs (Northern Virginia)
"A friend sent me a box of your wonderful cookies for a "just because present", which was a wonderful surprise. They are delicious, and your packaging is elegant. I definitely plan to order them for gifts. My own grand daughter, Zoe, who is 15 years old, cannot eat products made with, these will be a perfect gift for her, but, because they are so very delicious, they will be a perfect gift for anyone." -Marcia Waxler (Upstate New York)
"Your ability to make the cookies is a gift. Something I noticed when I was checking out your cookies, I know it may be a small thing or should I say a smell thing, your cookies still smell like they would when you’re baking them, most cookies have had the smell baked out of them, yours don’t." -Jim Lisac (Oregon)
In regards to the Clarity Cookie:"Tastes like Chocolate Chip Christmas" -Mitch (Philz Coffee, San Francisco)